Playing my newest art guitar in a library/study I hand-built in my sunroom for my fiance and I!

1967 Kingston Swinger Electric Guitar;repainted , added strings, and created a custom pickguard out of a vintage Red vinyl record, with white acrylic accents. #FineArtbyJeremiahBell  

The Current Collection

The Shadow Box Violin-Reclaimed Series

Created with Acrylic & Oil Paint pens, Sharpie To be mounted in a shadow box (Not pictured) #FineArtbyJeremiahBell

Art is Life- My personal guitar

Created with Acrylic & Oil paint pens, Sharpie. El Degas Acoustic

The Grand Artique Keyhole- Reclaimed Series

Created with acrylic & Oil paint pens, Sharpie FineArtbyJeremiahBell  

Essence-The Michigan Guitar- Reclaimed series

Created with Acrylic & Oil paint pens, Sharpie #FineArtbyJeremiahBell