Fine Art by Jeremiah Bell

HUGE news announcement regarding my artwork to come later this week.

Life is about to change !!! Art as a career is becoming a reality- just need to keep plugging away 😀

The brainchild of two friends from the UK, Danni Claire and Emily Long, jiminy magazine is a lifestyle site that focuses on sustainability in food, travel, beauty products, and more.

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“The Dragonfly” Reclaimed Series

Finished @ 3:30 AM

Created with Acrylic & Oil paint pens , Sharpie

Wall hanging art guitar



Reclaimed Series WIP-The Dragonfly

Todays project I started from a basic sketch I found in my drawing pad. Hopefully finished in the next few days!

Reclaimed Series- “10” WIP

Painting is the last thing to do before “10” is finished! Alot of work and bent/broken nails and screws  went into this; I honestly think this is one of my favorite pieces ive made lately . It seems weird but , I feel as if this piece is ME in sculpture form. Cracked , old, rustic…

Reclaimed Series-Progress

Working on thinking out of the box. I went for a walk in the woods and found several cool, old items. Old cogs on a bar, a number “10” plaque, cloth measuring tape, door knob and few other things. Today I put together a combination of some of these things, salvaged hardwood flooring, and a old classical guitar. Now to sketch ideas for the rest of the items I  collected. Beer it is.

This is a bad photo….I need to wait to get good photos , good enough to post a full description of the piece that is. This sculpture will be called “10” from here on out. Untill then,


Fine Art by Jeremiah Bell

Reclaimed Series

This violin Im working on is an abstract Horseshoe crab—-photos posted later tonight 🙂 Stay tuned!

The Current Collection


Essence-The Michigan Guitar- Reclaimed series

Fine Art by Jeremiah Bell

Created with Acrylic & Oil paint pens, Sharpie


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The Shadow Box Violin-Reclaimed Series

Created with Acrylic & Oil Paint pens, Sharpie

To be mounted in a shadow box (Not pictured)