Its going to be a very creative week!

Three days off this week, so I’m putting my projects into a list form so I can keep track of the progress I’m making on the Reclaimed series. Part of the list is a photo shoot to record all of the art I’ve done lately. Ill be ready for more galleries very soon!


Working on another part of the Reclaimed series tonight. The guitar im using has a life of its own; I cant wait to add to it.

The Record

The Record is my Canvas. My pen is the needle. My Art is the Music.   I am the Record Player.

Reclaimed Series-WIP -The Shadow Box

With the help of Ken, I was able to build a shadow box for one of the Reclaimed series projects- the crown of the collection. A 1890-1920? era German Stradivarius copy. Beautiful; full of character and signs of being well loved & played. The shadow box is covered in red silk on the inside; the…