Instruments, beer, wine & mead labels, logos, event posters, creative consultation and more! I can be reached by phone ( text or call) after 5 pm, or by email anytime. (231) 373-8387  

Playing my newest art guitar

1967 Kingston Swinger Electric Guitar;repainted , added strings, and created a custom pickguard out of a vintage Red vinyl record, with white acrylic accents. The bird painting behind me was painted by my lovely wife Lexi 🙂 #FineArtbyJeremiahBell  

“Horseshoe crab” NFS, in a private collection Photo- Seven Sparrows Photography

Reclaimed Series- “10” WIP

Painting is the last thing to do before “10” is finished! Alot of work and bent/broken nails and screws  went into this; I honestly think this is one of my favorite pieces ive made lately . It seems weird but , I feel as if this piece is ME in sculpture form. Cracked , old,…