Jeremiah ( Jay) Jesse Bell was born in Flint, Michigan on June 15th 1993, and raised in Vassar/Millington, MI.

Currently residing in Petoskey, MI, he creates in his home art studio & backyard workshop.

He is inspired by Ancient Egyptian, Roman, Celtic, and Greek mythology & artwork, the Arts and Crafts movement, world history, Nature, his wife Alexis,The Black Crowes & numerous other musicians, just to name a few!

Jeremiah creates his artwork on various playable & broken instruments, vinyl records, canvas, wood, paper, glass, metal and more. Using acrylic paint markers, oil paint markers, paint & brushes, ink, Sharpie, colored pencils, chalk and watercolors, any surface is a canvas!

Making art as a child/teenager, with little created for a few years, Jeremiah drew on a guitar for the first time with Sharpie in 2012-2013 at CMU. Over the 4-5 years since then, he has dabbled in a little bit of everything art related, ranging from Live painting , to setting up a renegade house art-show and a small fashion show with a fellow artist in Mt Pleasant , MI. The Tree Love art collective music scene in Mt.  Pleasant was an enormous influence on Jeremiahs re-entry into the arts.
Jeremiah has worked as an Event Coordinator and Art Director, assisted Music & Art festival productions with art gallery building on site, Live Painted for music festivals and concerts in Lower Michigan, the UP and Indiana. Jeremiah created the logo for High Five Spirits in Petoskey, MI, won the 2017 Blissfest logo contest, and has 2 released mead labels with St Ambrose Cellars in Beulah , MI, with more to come!! His work has been displayed at Founders Brewing Company in Grand Rapids MI, Walloon Lake Winery in Walloon Lake , MI, and was accepted into ArtPrize 10, 2018.

Jeremiah’s hobbies include: woodworking, fitness, hiking/camping, food, playing music, road trips with Alexis , and reading.

–Hand-painted instruments & Hand-illustrated event posters, concept & design for logos, beer & wine labels, murals, furniture , jewelry, album artwork & much more!  —









Click on these links for a little more about the artist!—>








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