Jeremiah ( Jay) Jesse Bell was born in Flint, Michigan on June 15th 1993, and raised in Vassar, MI.

Currently residing in Petoskey, MI, he creates 2D & 3D fine art and illustrations in his home art studio & workshop.

He is inspired by Ancient Egyptian, Roman, Celtic, and Greek mythology & artwork, the Arts and Crafts movement, world history, Nature, his wife Alexis, The Black Crowes & numerous other musicians, just to name a few!

Jeremiah creates his artwork on various playable & broken instruments, vinyl records, canvas, wood, paper, glass, metal and more. Using acrylic paint markers, oil paint markers, paint & brushes, ink, Sharpie, colored pencils, chalk and watercolors, any surface is a canvas!

Making art primarily as a child/teenager, with little created in a 3 year period, Jeremiah painted on his first guitar in 2013 at CMU. Over the past 4-5 years, he has dabbled in a little bit of everything art related, ranging from Live painting during live music , to setting up a renegade house art-show  in Mount Pleasant , MI. The Tree Love art collective music scene in Mt.  Pleasant was an enormous influence on Jeremiahs re-entry into the arts.
Jeremiah has worked as an Event Coordinator and Art Director, assisted Music & Art festival productions, Live Painted for music festivals and concerts, and has created many residential & commercial custom art commissions.

Jeremiah’s hobbies include: woodworking, fitness, hiking/camping, food, playing music, road trips with Alexis , and reading.

–Hand-painted instruments & Hand-illustrated event posters, concept & design for logos, beer & wine labels, murals, furniture , jewelry, album artwork & much more!  —







Click on these links for a little more about the artist!—>








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