I started planting today!! ( A little late)

Planted leeks, two species of onion, three species of tomato, 4 herbs, 2 species of lettuce, three types of kale, broccoli, and Brussel sprouts! This is the first time in years ive tried gardening. One step closer to full self dependence 🙂 Yay plants!!

Im overjoyed to announce Fine Art by Jeremiah Bell won 1st place in the Blissfest 2017 poster contest!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for further details 🙂 

HUGE news announcement regarding my artwork to come later this week.

Life is about to change !!! Art as a career is becoming a reality- just need to keep plugging away 😀

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“The Dragonfly” Reclaimed Series

Finished @ 3:30 AM Created with Acrylic & Oil paint pens , Sharpie Wall hanging art guitar  

Reclaimed Series WIP-The Dragonfly

Todays project I started from a basic sketch I found in my drawing pad. Hopefully finished in the next few days!

Reclaimed Series- “10” WIP

Painting is the last thing to do before “10” is finished! Alot of work and bent/broken nails and screws  went into this; I honestly think this is one of my favorite pieces ive made lately . It seems weird but , I feel as if this piece is ME in sculpture form. Cracked , old, rustic…

Reclaimed Series-Progress

Working on thinking out of the box. I went for a walk in the woods and found several cool, old items. Old cogs on a bar, a number “10” plaque, cloth measuring tape, door knob and few other things. Today I put together a combination of some of these things, salvaged hardwood flooring, and a old classical guitar. Now to sketch ideas for the rest of the items I  collected. Beer it is. This is a bad photo….I need to wait to get good photos , good enough to post a full… Read More

Reclaimed Series

This violin Im working on is an abstract Horseshoe crab—-photos posted later tonight 🙂 Stay tuned!

The Current Collection